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What's the most innovative app

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What's the most innovative app


Android tablets and phones are technological marvels that entertain, let you work from anywhere, and keep you connected with friends, family, and coworkers. With the right apps, you can turn your humble cell or slate into a mobile movie theater, workstation, art canvas, recipe manager, and more. Unfortunately, finding the best Android apps is a challenge.


Lock Me Out

Lock Me Out is an app that allows you to lock yourself out of your device. The app uses the Android Accessibility Service to change your PIN code to something you don't know. This will change the screen lock pin to a random number for a specified time period.

You can access the lock screen, camera, emergency dialer, and incoming calls at that time. When the timer reaches zero, the app changes your PIN code back to your actual PIN.


Sound Hound

Has it ever happened to you that a song is stuck in your mind but you don't know which song it is? Sound Hound comes to your rescue.

You can also search by singing or humming in Sound Hound, making it the only app in the world that can give you song and lyric results through unique sing and hum search technology.



What's the most innovative app