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What Type of Clothes Should We Wear in Summer

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What Type of Clothes Should We Wear in Summer


Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, following spring and preceding autumn. This season is usually associated with warm or hot weather. Usually, schools and universities have a summer break to take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days.

In summer we usually wear light-colored cotton clothes. In summer we sweat a lot. Cotton is a good absorbent of water.

Thus, it absorbs sweat from our bodies and releases the sweat into the atmosphere, allowing it to evaporate faster. During this evaporation, the particles present on the surface of the sweat get energy from the surface of our body, which cools down the body.

These words will come in handy in situations like shopping, talking about vacations, and asking friends if they have any special items to borrow for you.


Summer Clothing Names

Summer clothing includes T-shirts, shorts, short dresses, skirts, sandals, flip-flops, a thin/light jacket, and a sunhat. Summer clothing tends to be made of thinner, lighter materials than winter clothing because they try to keep you cooler and expose more of the body to prevent overheating due to warmer temperatures and lack of wind.


summer clothing list

  1. T-shirt
  2. Dress
  3. Sweater
  4. Cap
  5. one-piece bathing suit
  6. Hawaiian shirt
  7. sunglasses
  8. swim trunks
  9. straw hat
  10. Polo shirt
  11. overalls
  12. Bikini
  13. Shorts
  14. short top
  15. flip flop


What Type of Clothes Should We Wear in Summer