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India's economic growth will beat expectations in 2023

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India's economic growth will beat expectations in 2023


Asserting that India's economic activity level is closer to the pre-pandemic path, global brokerage firm Credit Suisse expects the country's gross domestic product (GDP) growth to grow ahead of the current consensus forecast of 6 percent in the fiscal. Will increase Growth will increase compared to the year 2023-24 (Financial Year 24).

In its statement on economic growth, the brokerage argued that 'several broad-based high-frequency indicators, including energy consumption, point to stronger growth than reported.'


Despite concerns over high valuations and a weak currency, Credit Suisse's global equity strategy team has upgraded India from 'underweight' to 'benchmark' for 2023, noting the underlying economic strength of the market. Maintained your perspective. statement.


While the brokerage is confident of India's attractive structural prospects, the firm has refrained from going 'overweight' on the market due to high valuation premium of the market and weak balance of payments position for the economy.

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India's economic growth will beat expectations in 2023